5 Natural Nail Maintenance Tools You Shouldn’t Be Without

PerfectaccessorysnailpicThe hustle and bustle of the workweek can wreck havoc on even the best bi-weekly or tri-weekly manicure or pedicure. There’s nothing worst than getting dolled up, with peep toe pumps ready to go, only to look down and your polish has chipped. Or you’ve snagged your thumbnail. If you find yourself having to retouch in between your nail appointments, we’ve listed five tools that will revive your look and chase the nail chips away.

Cuticle Exfoliator

Prevent hangnails and moisturize cuticles with a cuticle exfoliator. The exfoliator helps loosen the skin, so that the excess is sloughed away and the hard to reach areas are barely visible. Additionally, it’ll give your nails a little buff.  Make sure to follow with a  cuticle oil.  Check out CND.com or Sephora.com for their list of excellent products.

Cuticle Oil

The main reason that cuticles pull and tear is because they are dry. Once you’ve exfoliated, dap a little cuticle oil on the base of each nail and rub in thoroughly towards the free edge of the nail. Don’t forget to moisturize behind your free-edge. This will hydrate your cuticle and make your nails shine. Check CND.com or Sephora.com

Nail File

Use the nail file to gently shape fast growing edges. The higher the grit the finer the nail file is, and a fine grit is recommended for natural nails. Remember to shape in one direction, across the top to avoid splits in the nail. Nail files are available in abundance at drugstores like CVS or Walgreens.


Use the buffer to bring out the natural oils in the nail bed. When done correctly, no polish is needed and your nails will look fresh, clean and sophisticated (glossing buffer recommended).

Hand Cream

Protect and seal in moisture in your hands and nails by using hand cream after you’ve washed your hands. Peruse the sample section of Target or Walmart for trial sized hand creams and stock up. Keep one in your purse, gym bag, nightstand or even your car.


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