CND VINYLUX Nail Polish is Versatility in a Bottle

Photo courtesy of Perfect Accessorys

Photo courtesy of Perfect Accessorys

CND (Creative Nail Design) first brought us long lasting polish perfection with their SHELLAC coating process that kept fingers exquisitely polished for over two weeks. But what if you want versatility? Two weeks is a long time to wait to change colors. If you  want a pop of color for a special event or if you simply love to change up your polish from week to week, depending on your mood, CND has introduced VINYLUX. VINYLUX is an innovative weekly polish process that holds steadfast to your nails for at least one week with out a base coat. CND’s patent-pending Pro-light technology strengthens VINYLUX resistance to chipping when your nails are exposed to natural light. So the more you flaunt them in the light, the more resilient the color becomes. Beautiful color is literally at your fingertips every week!

Visit our website,, for more details and to schedule an appointment to get nail luxury with VINYLUX.


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