Fall and Winter Nail Color Trends at Perfect Accessorys

Gold metallics are the fall trend in natural nail care. Source: Perfect Accessorys

Gold metallics are the fall trend in natural nail care. Source: Perfect Accessorys

We all remember the scene in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” when Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep is pulling together looks for the next issue of Runway magazine. Andy the receptionist, played by Anne Hathaway, enters the office in pilling, oversized blue crew neck sweater with a brown corduroy skirt and throws shade to the magazine styling process. Miranda quickly and stealthy gives Andy a run down of the fashion food chain, punctuating the end by pointing out that the bargain basement sweater that Andy was wearing was Cerulean Blue, which was a color chosen and shown by the people in that very room the previous season.

As in fashion, so in nail color.

The Mercedes Benz fashion week runway shows not only preview the talents of clothing designers but it employs the talents of professional nail technicians and others to pull a complete look together. Every detail on the model that struts down the runway is a part of the fashion story. Including the nails.

Nail colors are derived from these shows, created and conceptualized based on the fashion designer’s vision and then nail companies pull from these concepts to mass-produce the colors that we see in the fall and spring.

Keeping with the trends, this fall you will see rock star nails that are bling’d out with metallic colors like gold and silver. Or you’ll witness nails that are adorned with stones and pearls. Over the top nails is the order of the day and are fabulous for special occasions or everyday.

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